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We know that time is the most valuable and precious thing in life, so we THANK YOU for taking a moment to visit our website and to get to know us better On This Day!

On This Day Events is a rising event planning, consulting, and design company based in the Suburbs of Philadelphia. We are a small company however we like to do things BIG! Our job is to make your event a memorable experience not only for you but also for your guests.

We strive to understand the unique goals and requirements of every event by keeping in mind that no two events are the same. Our services are customized to address your wishes and needs therefore giving you the opportunity to reach your goal successfully.

Event planners wear many hats and are often perceived as the person that comes into a room and hangs a few balloons, sprinkle some decorations and Voila! The job is done! Oh……how I wish our job was that simple! On This Day Events provides a variety of services that can meet the needs of potential clients including but not limited to project management, consulting & design. Although it’s difficult to bundle everything that we do into individual packages, we’ve highlighted a few options that can be personalized specifically for you!

You ask why, it’s because On This Day, you deserve to feel special!

We can help you every step

of the way

Event Planning

  • Venue & vendor selection
  • Vendor coordination & collaboration
  • Attend all venue & vendor meetings
  • Budget development & planning
  • Contract negotiation
  • Time management & deadlines
  • Troubleshoot any challenges that may come up
  • Manage all moving pieces of the event


  • Coaching & development throughout the planning process
  • Budget advisement
  • Venue & vendor referrals
  • Logistics coordination


  • Event design
  • Development 
  • Implementation


Owner & Founder

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How It All Began...

Saturday, April 15, 2000 is when it all started. I remember that day like it was yesterday. It’s the day that I was bitten by the event planning bug. I had the pleasure of planning a beautiful Surprise 50th Birthday party for 100 guests. Every reaction I witnessed from the guests as they entered the venue was incredibly satisfying. And my client burst into tears upon arriving.

Making The Dream A Reality...

To me, an event planner is like a maestro. The noises of the instruments are individually elegant, but the magnificence of the sound is the manifestation of the story being told.

My love and passion for event planning is revealed in the look on my clients’ faces when they walk into a room. The joy, relief, and comfort of knowing that “it’ll be okay” is what my 20 years of part-time experience in event and wedding planning brings to the table. In 2005, an entrepreneurship class solidified my passion and catalyzed me to make my passion more formal. In the subsequent years, I received an event planning license and began to more officially plan events for friends and family. I have since provided full consulting, ad-hoc consulting, and day-of services for numerous events including weddings, birthday parties, corporate and non-profit events, and baby showers. In 2007, I participated in my own wedding! Today, I share my love of event planning with my husband and young daughter.

It's Offical...

In 2019, On This Day Events, LLC, was legally formed.

We are grateful for the  opportunity to meet 

and work with you!

One on One with Sekia

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I’m a Libra, and Libra traits include being idealistic and diplomatic. I thrive on good communication and making things orderly and aesthetically pleasing.

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